Become a Tester for Apostrophe Patterns

Apostrophe Patterns extensively tests each new sewing pattern. First, Jill and Cynthia try out many variations on themselves and their kids. Then, we open the pattern to a small group of pre-testers. After that, we hold a large group test. If you are interested in participating in a large group test, keep reading.

What does being a member of the large group test involve? 

  • Each member is invited to a facebook group with 50-100 people, depending on the pattern.
  • Each member is given free access to the pattern generator. This is not otherwise a paid position.
  • Every effort is made to have instructions and a measurement video done prior to the start of the large group test. 
  • Each member is expected to sew one trial garment, and if necessary one final. Feedback regarding the fit of the garment is expected from participants. 
  • Testers get the opportunity to suggest new options and features, and most suggestions get added to the final pattern. 
  • Final photos of the garment are expected from each tester, except in certain tests which are disclosed at the time of testing or when other arrangements have been made with Jill.
  • Promoting on the AP facebook group and other social media platforms is very much appreciated but not required. 
  • Final photos that are submitted from testers are included on the product listing, website and various social media platforms. 

Who can apply? Anyone! We like as many different people as possible to test our patterns, so that they fit the needs of as many people as possible. 

If you would like to become a tester for Apostrophe Patterns, sign up using this form. We usually get too many applicants to include in every test, so we will not likely be able to include every person in every test. We do like to include as many people as possible though, so we do rotate through applications. We will contact participants that match our needs for the pattern via email. For some patterns, we will also post a testing call on our private facebook group. 

Here is the form:

Thank you for applying!