MyFit Tee as base for wrap dress


Do you ever get struck with inspiration and you just can't wait to make it a reality? I got to thinking that my daughter would look so cute in a wrap dress. I wanted it to be a fully functioning wrap dress. My hang up- she is a tricky to fit kid. Her chest and waist measurements often put her in a size 2, but at 5 years old-that isn't a deep enough armscye and definitely is missing much needed length. 

The MyFit Tee was a perfect fix for that! In fact, I used only Apostrophe Patterns to make my whole vision a reality. 

My first step was to take her measurements and get the tee printed. I cut the shirt along the waist marking. 

After printing, I traced my front bodice piece to create a whole front bodice. I like to use medical bed paper for my pattern hacking and alterations. It worked really well for this project. 

To create a wrap front, it's important to use a full front bodice. 

After completing the trace of my pattern, I determined that it was still a little long at the waist level and shorted by about 1" (2.5cm)

The next step involves making a few decisions: 

  • Do I want the wrap to extend all the way to the side seam?
  • How much coverage do I want in the neckline?

I wanted my wrap to go all the way to the sides, where long ties would be used to close the dress.

I also wanted a full coverage neckline, since this is for a child. 

I drew a diagonal line from just below the shoulder seam that connected to the opposite side seam just above the hemline. 

Make sure to transfer your grainline to the new pattern piece.

This pattern front will work with the back bodice piece since we didn't adjust the armscye or the shoulders. The sleeves will also fit because in the next blog post, we don't manipulate the sleeve head or the armscye. 

In the next post we will hack the sleeves into bishop sleeves. After that, we will talk about the construction of this dress and how I used the circle skirt and gathered skirt calculators to complete my vision. 

The final dress in this project is on the list of my favorite things I have ever made! I want to make one that is my size too. 

Thanks for joining me today, I look forward to finishing this dress with you. 


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