Methods to preview and compare your custom Apostrophe patterns

Previewing your Apostrophe pattern is a great way to visualize what a custom generated pattern based on your measurements will look like. Sometimes, after making a toile or muslin, which is a practice garment, adjustments to your measurements will be needed or you may prefer a different style option than originally selected. 

Comparing your first pattern to your adjusted pattern is an excellent way to check the changes before moving back to fabric. There are two ways to do this. First, by printing a miniature copy of your pattern in both the test and the adjusted pattern. Second, by using a free program called Inkscape, to overlay the two patterns digitally. 

We have prepared two blog posts to walk you through both methods:

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~Cynthia and the AP Team


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  • Hi…I am interested in getting a pattern for pants. I have never been able to make pants that fit and I have been sewing fo over 60 years. I can’t find anything on your website that allows me to find out how to order, the price and details on measuring, etc. Would you please contact me with the details.

    Norma Graybill on

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