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Methods to preview and compare your custom Apostrophe patterns

Previewing your Apostrophe pattern is a great way to visualize what a custom generated pattern based on your measurements will look like. Sometimes, after making a toile or muslin, which is a practice garment, adjustments to your measurements will be needed or you may prefer a different style option than originally selected.  Comparing your first pattern to your adjusted pattern is an excellent way to check the changes before moving back to fabric. There are two ways to do this. First, by printing a miniature copy of your pattern in both the test and the adjusted pattern. Second, by using a...

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Using free vector editing software, Inkscape, to compare your Apostrophe patterns

In our last post, we discussed printing physical, miniature copies of your original and adjusted patterns to view the changes that happen to your pattern based on new options or measurements. Another method, which is completely digital, is to use a free program called Inkscape. In Inkscape we are able to overlay the two patterns digitally.  Let’s walk through that method now. You will need to have downloaded and installed Inkscape. Inkscape is a free program and a great tool, especially when comparing patterns. You can find it here.  Click on your operating system to begin the download. Before opening Inkscape...

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Print mini sized patterns for comparing and adjusting your Apostrophe patterns

Printing a miniature pattern can be a quick method to compare versions of your Apostrophe custom fit patterns, to see differences and determine what measurement changes you want to make. Or if you prefer digital tools, see our post on using Inkscape to do comparisons here. Let’s first walk through printing the patterns. To do this, go back into your project, use the previous button until you get to the page that asks how you would like your pattern pieces. For mini patterns, you will want to select as few pieces as possible.  This option may is not available on...

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Cynthia Browneller

Topstitching a Waistband

When the MyFit Joggers released, a common question in the Apostrophe Patterns FB Group was how to topstitch an separate encased elastic waistband. (Image from MyFit Jogger waistband selection screen.) Topstitching a waistband is aesthetically pleasing, but is also practical and useful. Elastic can twist inside a waistband, which causes discomfort and can affect the way your garment sits on your body. Topstitching the waistband prevents the elastic from twisting, and therefore, can increase comfort.  Topstitching the waistband will take place after the waistband has been attached to the garment, elastic is inserted, and the hole used to insert the elastic has been closed....

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