Maternity Options on MyFit Patterns

During pregnancy, finding well-fitting, comfortable clothes can be a struggle. Even sewing patterns that have maternity options may not meet our individual preferences for how we want them to fit around our growing belly - and standard patterns may not fit at all if our body measurements are outside of their size range.

The MyFit Joggers, MyFit Leggings and MyFit Underwear patterns solve those problems, because they are unlimited pattern generators, using your actual body measurements to create PDF patterns that will fit you just right. By customizing how we take our measurements, you can have perfectly fitting joggers, leggings, and underwear throughout pregnancy. The options for the waistband also allow you to choose your preferred waistband type and location - over the belly, low belly, or under the belly. 

To help understand all the options and how to measure for each one, there’s a post which walks through all the steps for each pattern:

Maternity MyFit Joggers 

Maternity MyFit Leggings

Maternity MyFit Underwear


Caption: The maternity waistband options on the MyFit patterns can be customized to your preferred location and width.


Hope this helps, If you have more questions please join our Facebook Group.

-Cynthia and the Apostrophe Team




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